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Friday, December 17, 2004

Our Wedding in Santa Fe

This was our Christmas Card photo, re-done in semi-sepia. It comes from the photos from our ceremony in Bishop Lamy's 1870 chapel In Santa Fe this past Oct 29th. SFNM is one of our magic spots and we go there twice a year. We got engaged there a year ago to the week. Scary stuff, as we arrived home on All Hallow's Eve....

You're right... you likely didn't get a card yet. We printed 25 and have mailed 6. Hey... we ARE building a house and that takes cycles.

More pics posted this coming weekend, as the second floor is now blocked and the framers are going to town also. Right about now everything starts to slow to an apparent crawl and we will soon start to understand why we won't move in till next June-July sometime.

Curmudgeon Butt needs food now... buh bye!


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